2016 Year-end Center coming soon to Sage City Online

I received an urgent message from one of my contacts at Sage last week: The end is near!

Year-end Center 1

Visions of sugar-plum fairies are not dancing around in the heads of people who have to take care of year-end. The Sage Year-end Center can help.

Jennifer Fennell, the Senior Program Manager for Online Support and Learning Services for Sage, was referring to the end of 2016. While many people start dreaming of the holidays and time off, accountants, HR professionals and IT directors start quaking in their boots.

For the accountants of the world, it means the one-two punch of doing month end for December and closing out year end for 2016. For HR professionals, it means preparing for any new legislation (ACA, overtime rules, etc.) that may begin the first of the year. And IT directors walk the fine line of updating software for the new year without disrupting what the accountants and HR people are doing.

Mix in the crazy schedules for employees with holidays, vacations and flu season, and you have one extremely hectic time of year.

Fennell, the unofficial “sheriff” of Sage City, let me know the folks at Sage are working on getting the Sage Year-end Center ready for this busy time of year.

Year-end Center Helps Customers Find Information Fast

The Sage Year-end center, which is expected to be live on Sage City in late October, will have information to help Sage customers start getting ready early, as well as provide a central place to find answers fast.

Year-end Center 2

The Sage Year-end Center makes its home on Sage City Online.

“This will be our third year having a centralized location for Sage customers to find everything they need for year-end,” said Marisa Wright, Sage City architect. “It has traditionally included both product-specific information as well as links to other helpful resources.”

We’ve already had customers asking us about updates for 1099 forms for Sage 500 ERP, so it’s never too soon to start planning.

The 2016 version of the Sage Year-end Center will have information available on installing software, product and tax updates, checklists and forms, and more. In addition, top articles from the Sage Knowledgebase and videos from Sage University will also be available.

Since the Year-end Center also resides on Sage City, all of the other features of Sage City will be readily available. Whether you’re a Sage customer or partner, or you can find collaborative help and support for a wide range of Sage products or general business practices.

Sage Year-end Center will not be static

Even though the Sage Year-end Center will be ready to go at launch, it will still be updated throughout the year’s end.

“Some information may be dependent on laws not yet passed,” Fennell said.

In the mean time, the best place to keep tabs on updates at Sage City, Sage University and the Sage Knowledgebase is on Twitter. By following @SageSupport, you can stay up to date on releases, patches, hot topics and even service interruptions.

So if you’re looking for a place to help with your year-end processes — or commiserate with other people dealing with the same thing — check out the Sage Year-end Center when it launches.

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